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Black Owl Eagle Wolf  Horse Body Art Tattoo Stickers J505

Black Owl Eagle Wolf Horse Body Art Tattoo Stickers J505

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Are you looking for a temporary tattoo for a special occasion? We have the tattoo arts for different occasions. 100% Waterproof.

Size: 19.5x14.5cm

Occasions: Summer Party, Weddings, Holidays, Beach Party, Summer Festival,Burning man, Pool Party, Hangout with Friends, Night Club, Date Night or Create ABG looks.

We are a proud American company, and everything is in the USA. It only takes 1-2 business days for us to process and 2-3 days to ship, All the products from our store are in California, USA

Applying Steps

      1. Start with clean, dry skin.
      2. Pick out your tattoo.
      3. Peel off the clear backing.
      4. Place the image face side down on your skin.
      5. Press a damp cloth or sponge over the tattoo paper.
      6. Hold for at least 60 seconds.
      7. Gently peel off the paper.
      8. Wait for the tattoo to dry.
      9. You can apply the tattoos on shoulder, wrists, fingers, waist, back, legs, arms, chest, hand, back of your feet, neck or anywhere you want to apply on your body
      10. The temporary tattoo can be removed by baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

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