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Harry Potter You Have The Emotional Range Of A Teaspoon Enamel Pins 237

Harry Potter You Have The Emotional Range Of A Teaspoon Enamel Pins 237

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Details About The Item:

- You will receive one enamel pin!

- Each Pin length is roughly 1.2 Inches

- Each Pin has a Secure Clutch on the Back

- We sell only the Highest Quality of Products

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We are a proud American company, and everything is in the USA. We are NOT like the dropship companies that take more than 2 weeks for your product to arrive. It only takes 1-2 business days for us to process and 2-3 days to ship, All the products from our store are in California, USA

IMPORTANT: Keep your jewelry away from moisture as it promotes tarnish. We recommend storing your jewelry in a clean, dry place, such as a pouch or in a small drawer. To clean your jewelry, wipe with the soft buffing cloth.

Please Note:

We do not make or design the pins. We simply buy and collect the unique pins from many sources in the US

All the pins from our shop are made in the USA so you can trust the quality.

All packages have been accurately weighted by USPS or UPS and we keep all the records of packages sent out with accurate weight on it. This way can prevent questions about how many units/items we really send.

Customer Reviews

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Megan Izykowski
Cute pin

Love the idea of the pin. It’s really cute just smaller than I thought! I’m not good at judging sizes!